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Win 2 Free Tickets

Win 2 Free Standard Tickets (valued at $175 each) to Patient 0 Sydney in 2014. To celebrate the launch of Patient 0 Sydney, IRL Shooter are offering you the chance to win 2 FREE tickets for you and a friend to play this unique and exciting live action zombie experience.

To win, enter here:

What is IRL Shooter?

IRL Shooter: Patient 0 is the next installment of the zombie apocalypse live action video game and is opening in Sydney in 2014. Play as part of a Squad of 6 in our professionally designed playing arena that will test your courage, your stamina, your aim and your nerve. Do you have what it takes to survive in this hostile environment and the brains to solve all the challenges of the game?

Answer the question below to enter into the draw for your chance to win 2 tickets to The Zombie Apocalypse.

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  • Kelli Membrey

    Hi, my name is Kelli and I am doing this for my fucking awesome partner of nearIy a decade and on behalf of our boys who appreciate and share his love for zombies. I really want to win these tickets for my zombie loving partner cause this would be the ultimate anything I could do for my man , who has not only help raise my boys into the best and happiest boys a mother wish for, but had to deal with their prick of a dad trying to turn them against him.
    I actually paid $249 for the Melbourne games a few years ago after being sent a invite to join a team by my partner, Jason Molin.But not long after he registered he had to have surgery , so the game couldn’t go ahead. Boo:(
    Before meeting jase I had a fear of the thought of zombies, but over the last 8 years I have seen every zombie movie and grown to love them along with my boys Dahrius, 13 and Tobias, 11 ( who jase has been the best step father ever to)
    But I get the feeling that watching others kill zombies in movies isn’t enough for him. After nearly a decade together (5th September 2015) I still just like to see my soul mate fulfilled, and I absolutely know that being apart of the IRL SHOOTER games will fulfill something in him that I can’t do alone. I need your help!!!
    I want to experience this with him so badly!!!!!
    As parents who work full time and give everything we are to see our boys grow up happy and supported, he doesn’t find a lot of time to spoil himself….
    Jase deserves this more than anyone I’ve ever met ( and I know some awesome people) so please please please pick us to spoil with free tickets to add an awesome unforgettable experience to our already awesome 8 years together:)

    • admin

      Hey Kelli!

      Sorry no one saw this post in time! We will be doing another free ticket competition shortly :)