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Hunt zombies in Real Life!



IRL Shooter is a world first, team based, horror survival, combat simulation experience.

Born from our love of horror genre videogames, movies & graphic novels, we have set out to recreate the best this genre has to offer, in a real life, fully immersive game experience. Imagine yourself and your friends as paid mercenaries in an environment that combines film industry quality sets and production values, with interactive theatre performers, a deep and engaging narrative and a videogame gameplay. With guns. Lot’s of guns. That is IRL Shooter.
You don’t just play our games, you live them.

Our first game, Patient 0, ran in Melbourne in late 2012, early 2013 & entertained over 6200 players. We listened to the player feedback and have taken the time since then to improve every aspect of our game, to finally be ready to bring you our new title – Lazarus.





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